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Testimonials for True Altitude’s Hemp-Derived Products


Testimonials for True Altitude’s Hemp-Derived Products are showcased in our Customer Spotlight, where we highlight the real experiences and testimonials of our valued customers.

From soothing creams to hemp-derived cannabis-infused gummies, each product has made a meaningful impact on our customers’ wellness journeys. Check out the testimonials highlighting True Altitude’s dedication to quality, efficacy, and customer satisfaction.

Customer Reviews Showcase True Altitude’s Hemp-Derived Products

Edwin’s Edibles Sour Apple CBD Gummies – 30 count
5-Star Review by Chaz (verified owner) – April 12, 2023

“These are the best tasting gummies I’ve ever eaten, helped me relax and sleep great!”

Lindre Maximum Strength Hemp Cream – Menthol – 16oz
5-Star Review by Derc Teschler (verified owner) – January 8, 2024

“I experience numbness in my wrist/hand due to stiffness in my neck and shoulder. I stretch, use chiropractic and massage. Those don’t seem to solve the issue. 3 nights with this cream and the issue seems to be gone.”

Carpe Diem CBD Isolated Hemp Body Gel Roll-On – Peppermint
5-Star Review by Sarah Fisher (verified owner) – January 10, 2024

“Great Product. I have been using the CBD Gel Roll-On for about 2 weeks. I use it mostly for tension headaches and neck pain! I roll it on and the tension melts away within minutes!”

“Shipping was so FAST! I had my products within a couple days of ordering!”

True Altitude’s Pineapple Express – Sativa – Fast Acting Delta 9 THC Gummies
5-Star Review by Christine (verified owner) – March 11, 2024

“Love, love, love True Altitude’s Pineapple Express – Sativa! I only need one of these for days when my anxiety is running a little high. It’s like taking one deep breath!”

“The flavor is pretty yummy too, I have to remind myself I only need to eat one! lol”

Kuribl Melatonin 20mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummies – 2 count
5-Star Review by Christine (verified owner) – March 11, 2024

“I sent these to my mom to try out and she told me that they helped her have “the best night’s sleep she’s had in years. She’s going to want to order more of these for sure but in the bigger pack!”

Discovering True Altitude’s Excellence

These reviews provide firsthand experiences that highlight the effectiveness, quality, and satisfaction reported by customers who have tried True Altitude’s premium CBD and THC products.

Customers have reported benefits such as promoting relaxation, improving sleep quality, and providing relief for joint and muscle discomfort, headaches, and pain.

Both Pineapple Express Sativa Gummies and Kuribl Melatonin CBD Gummies have been praised for their reported effectiveness in addressing anxiety and promoting restful sleep, catering to a diverse range of wellness needs.

True Altitude remains committed to delivering premium products that consistently meet the highest standards of efficacy, quality, and customer satisfaction, including fast shipping service.